Still Here! :]

January 12, 2014 // Life

Heya guys and gals,

I have been absent since August of last year, wow!!!

Anyhow, tons of things have happened since then, both personally and professionally. I’m still with Lextech and doing better than ever :)
We’re also hiring for several positions so do get in touch with us via or by visiting the Lextech Careers page.

In addition, the video lessons titled The Essentials of iOS App Development that I did for Pearson are now available via Safari Books Online. It’s based on iOS 6 but most (if not all) of the core concepts still apply to iOS 7.

In other news, there are two new things I’ve been involved in for the Ray Wenderlich team. One is the iOS 7 By Tutorials book, available in both print and digital format. You can buy the entire iOS by Tutorials bundle, the iOS Games by Tutorials and iOS 7 by Tutorials bundle, or the iOS 7 book on its own.

The second project I’ve been involved in with Ray and the team is the official Ray Wenderlich Podcast. You can find the announcement post here and you can also find the podcast on iTunes.

This upcoming week we’ll be releasing episode two, and we expect to continue to grow and improve the quality and content of the podcast throughout the year. I speak on behalf of myself and the team when I thank you for your continued support, your feedback for the podcast, and your enthusiasm regarding things we work on for Ray and his website.

Finally, I am working on an upcoming Arduino tutorial that will be super fun and entertaining for those of you who like working with hardware and making games. It’s probably going to be released at the end of February or sometime in March, so stay tuned and also visit the website for great weekly content.

That’s all I had to update you on. My apologies on not posting any tutorials or cool things lately, it’s just that the last quarter of 2013 was tremendously busy and hectic for me. Nevertheless, I hope 2014 helps me blog more and also bring you all awesome content, news, tutorials and tips!

Have a great week, happy 2014 (alas a bit late), and see you around,
Feli :)

Heya everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that iCloud for Developers, a book that I helped tech review, written by my friend Cesare Rocchi, is now available for purchase at the Pragmatic Programmers’ store.

iCloud is a real pain to work with, but if you need some help understanding the concepts behind the API, or want a way to get started with iCloud, then I highly recommend you check out Cesare’s book.

The book is very affordable and is available in print and digital format so I highly recommend it. Besides, with that lovely book cover you can’t go wrong!

Happy monday and enjoy the book :)

Busy Times

April 10, 2013 // Life

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update as to why I haven’t blogged lately. Basically, it all comes down to work!

I haven’t had time to play video games (even though I got a couple of new releases) or test out my new TV. Haven’t really been learning much Android, OpenGL, Rails or PHP (which are goals of mine for this year), or just having time for rest and leisure.

With a full time job and an impending deadline for the Pearson LiveLesson videos I’ve been pretty much recording and preparing the lessons non-stop!

As of now I still have to record 5 videos and prepare 3 of them, write the scripts for the headshots and record them by the end of this month. It’s a lot of work and I am tired, but in the end it will all be worth it and I will have time to relax later this year.

I do want you do know that I have a special article I’m preparing and will publish as soon as it’s done. It will not be a tutorial or related to programming at all, it’s going to be a different, more personal article that I want to share with you all.

Until then you have a good time and happy coding :)

Hello fellow coders.

These past days, while working with Core Data and iCloud (a real pain in the butt I gotta say), I’ve been needing some more detailed console output for debugging.

I came across a very handy tip while reading Marcus Zarra’s Core Data Second Edition book from Pragmatic Programmers.

For Core Data, there are currently three logging levels you can use to watch and analyze the SQL calls that take place during your app lifecycle. Level 1 being little output and 3 being very verbose.

To enable this option in your application you need to add a runtime parameter named and then passing in the level you want for SQL logging.

Now, if you’re using Core Data with iCloud then you can also enable a runtime parameter to observe the communication between the two. This setting is and, at the time of this writing, it only works with level 3.

To setup the arguments for when the app is run go to your scheme editor, select the run configuration and enter the following:

Setting Debug Parameters

And this is some of the added log output you can see after enabling these parameters:

SQL Debug Output

Certainly something you’ll want to take advantage of when using iCloud and/or Core Data. It certainly helps not having to go check the .sqlite files constantly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief tip, feel free to leave your own comments on debugging tricks and tips.

It’s Alive!

February 9, 2013 // Life

At long last, my blog is alive!

It’s taken me months, I know. I’ve even had a few visits and emails from people during that time.

I was on the brink of launching my site yesterday when some visual glitch occurred on a theme I was using and it forced me throw all of my work out the window. I was even considering Octopress to power my blog, but I decided to stay with WordPress.

Today I purchased a new theme from Theme Forest and I’m extremely happy with it. In just a couple of hours I’ve gone from a fresh install of WordPress to a full functional blog with RSS, contact form, pages, posts, sidebar, retina support, etc.

This is the beginning of something big for me, I plan on sharing a lot of what’s on my mind (it will be safe for work and kid friendly) as well as tutorials, resources and more!

Feel free to leave a comment, contact me or just enjoy the site. I know it’s pretty empty as far as posts go but it will grow in no time!


Have a good weekend,